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Aledze Creek Map

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Tommy Attachie, 2005

Tommy Attachie talking about the Dreamer Alédzé, 2005.

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Aledze Creek Photos:  

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We call this creek Alédzé Tsáá. It is named after one of the first Dreamers we remember, Alédzé, who camped here often, and whose grave is in this area.

Alédzé Tsáá flows into Hanás̱ Saahgéʔ (the Doig River), and this place has been an important camp along our travel corridor for as long as we remember.

During the fur trade era, we used to travel by foot, by horse, by raft, and with our dog teams. Tommy Attachie explains that this was the spot where our people would stop and build a raft to transport our furs back to the Hanás̱ Saahgéʔ area.

When the flu epidemic came to the Fort St. John area in 1918, many of our people spread out and kept moving to avoid it. Alédzé Tsáá is one of the places where we took refuge and where we were able to continue to make our living from hunting and trapping.

We continue to hunt and camp in this area today.