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Tommy Attachie, Tar Davis and one other, 1966

Tommy Attachie, Tar Davis and one other singing inside a dance lodge. Hanás̱ Saahgéʔ (Doig River), 1966. Catalog # OSDDD12.

Tea Dance, 2004

Dancers at Doig's annual summer Tea Dance. Hanás̱ Saahgéʔ (Doig River), July, 2004. Catalog # TeadanceDZDV03-9-3.

Doig River Drummers, 2005

Doig River Drummers and singers Johnny Askoty, Brian Acko, Gary Oker, Tommy Attachie and Eddie Apsassin drum and sing as part of a ceremonial welcoming for Federal treaty land negotiators. Doig River Administrative & Cultural Centre, July, 2005. Catalog # DRFN-VH-7-11-05 TLE opening.