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Reaching Out via Online Archaeology

Who hasn't wanted to search for buried treasure? Travel to exotic lands, learn about other civilizations, and uncover long-lost artifacts - both ancient and modern?

Online archaeology offers both experienced archaeologists, and the newly interested opportunities, to do just that - with the click of a mouse from the comfort of home. The Dig Down, Dig Back virtual excavation teaches the science and shares the principles of hands-on archaeology. This means that more of us can enjoy the archaeological experience without affecting fragile locales.

By using the technology of today, you are about to reach out to the people of yesterday. What a wonderful way to build a bridge to our past.

To get the most out of this virtual excavation:

1. Take time to work through Archaeology 101 to learn the basics of archaeology.

2. Then, as in preparation for a real dig, print the Field Notes (183 Kb PDF) and Artifact Catalogue (111 Kb PDF) sheets on which you will record your findings.
(Required Plugin: Acrobat Reader)

3. When you enter the dig site, be sure to read HOW TO DIG.

Skip Archaeology 101 Activity and Proceed Directly to Dig Site