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Photograph of Basin Depot cabin and artifacts

A Meandering Tale

Rivulets flowing from McKaskill and North Branch Lakes in Algonquin Park join at a large wetland upriver from McIntyre's Clearing. From here, the Little Bonnechere River meanders for 46 km through a glacial spillway before emptying into Round Lake. Although mostly flatwater, the river carves through sand plains, then flows over chutes, tumbles down falls and cascades through cobble rapids. Its banks consist in places of high sandbanks, and steep rock shelves and, in other places, of canopy forest and reedy wetlands. At present, more than 70 cultural features are known along this ever-changing but constant waterway. An untold number of other heritage sites await discovery.

Follow the Arrow

The discovery of a Late Archaic projectile point at Round Lake encouraged archaeologists and educators to extend their explorations upriver, to Basin Depot and beyond. Along the way they found a wide range of remains and sites left behind by those who came before us. Some sites, such as the original stopping place at the Lafleur Homestead, are obvious and easily seen, while others, such as the mica mine near Mill Dam, are hidden from view. The artifacts recovered from these sites reflect an important part of Canada's rich cultural heritage, from its early aboriginal peoples to its later pioneers and settlers. Still, much remains concealed - a veritable treasure trove awaiting discovery!

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