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Photograph of Lafleur barn and artifacts

Oriented to the River

Almost all settlement along the Little Bonnechere River occurs on the north side of the river in the broader sand flats. In the vicinity of the homestead, the river is fairly constricted with small lakes both above and below. Although the various buildings were relatively close to the old tote road route, it's obvious that the focus was toward the river. Access to and from the river would have been frequent, whether by water or over the ice. The various buildings are oriented towards the river and the survey drawings of the Currier house indicate construction close to the water.

A Centre of Archaeological Activity

The Lafleur Homestead has been a centre of archaeological activity since its acquisition by Ontario Parks in 2000. It comprises various remnants of features associated with historic rural property including log structures and rail fences in various states of disrepair. As well, there is abundant surface evidence of former structures. Preliminary archaeological investigations served to determine the nature and extent of cultural remains on the property. The material recovered from this site provides valuable lifestyle comparisons with the artifacts recovered from other homesteads, logging camps and Basin Depot.

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