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Photograph of Lafleur house and artifacts

Halfway to Basin

Archaeological evidence indicates that for over 800 years, people have stopped at this flat point of land. According to the 1874 Burns Township Survey the Currier family lived here in the only dwelling in the entire municipality. Circa 1900 ownership transferred to Charles Lafleur. The cornerstone of the homestead was solid two-story log cabin featuring a Forest Beauty woodstove laden with Bella's homecooking, a focal point for numerous visitors stopping over. Folklore and old foundations indicate many buildings were once present. Although fire and old age have taken their toll, the log cabin and three outbuildings still stand.

A Solid Foundation

Excavations have being carried out around the house foundation so the existing field stone sill can be studied and properly refurbished. These digs are ideal for the purposes of archaeology and education. The house is physically accessible, not actively dangerous and sufficiently interesting to engage and hold the attention of non-archaeologists. In practical terms, students are going to find something and are likely to be able to understand what their findings are. Artifacts recovered provide insight into the life and labours of those who lived here.

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