Land of the Spirits
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Photo of children participating in an archaeological excavation

Land of the Spirits Lesson Plans

The Land of the Spirits lesson plans are designed to help young people better understand the science of archaeology, Canadian settlement patterns and the history of the Little Bonnechere River, Ontario, Canada.

The lessons incorporate interactive, hands-on activities that encourage exploration through social studies, science, language arts, computers and other subjects.

Although based on the Ontario Grade 5 Curriculum, educators of various ages and levels of interest are encouraged to adjust these lessons according to the needs of the class.

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Lesson 1: The Basics of Archaeology (171 Kb PDF)
Students will learn the basic terminology relevant to the science of archaeology.

Lesson 2: Researching a Family Heirloom (162 Kb PDF)
Students access a family heirloom and research its background, tell how it came into their possession and what the item means to them.

Lesson 3: Footprints in Time (115 Kb PDF)
Students create a timeline mural illustrating 11 000 years of history along the Little Bonnechere River in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada.

Lesson 4: Find It, Record It (113 Kb PDF)
Students follow a child named Alex on a journey through time to learn the importance of archaeology and the scientific method used in recording data.

Lesson 5: Dig Down, Dig Back (111 Kb PDF)
Students will participate in an online simulated archaeological dig based on actual public historic archaeological excavations along the Little Bonnechere River, in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada.

Lesson 6: Research Project (106 Kb PDF)
Students research aspects of pioneer life along the Little Bonnechere River, in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada.

Glossary of Archaeological Terms