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Overview for Teachers

The following is a brief overview of the lesson plans and activities section of The Bishop Who Ate His Boots Virtual Museum Exhibit. Please read it through to discover how teachers and students can use the site to their best advantage.

All of the lessons are suitable for students between the ages of 8-12, but each lesson theme includes a series of possible extensions suitable for students between the ages of 13-16. Many of the evaluation suggestions include cross-curricular activities, allowing teachers to use this site in subject areas such as math, language arts, visual arts as well as social studies. While the lessons are designed on the basis of class discussion and group ideas, each one has links to text from The Bishop Who Ate His Boots Virtual Museum Exhibit. The teacher can refer to these text links prior to giving a lesson to help facilitate the discussion process, and gear the students' thoughts towards the ideas presented in the exhibit.

The main educational ideas and goals of these lessons are:

- to stimulate an interest in and respect for aboriginal cultures
- to help students relate their lives with those living in a different time and place
- to understand how people from different cultures interact and learn from one another
- to appreciate the challenges and rewards of northern living

Teachers should feel free to adapt the learning strategies and activities as they see fit depending on the needs of their classes.

In addition to the lesson plans for teachers, an online interactive trivia game is available for students and teachers alike. Entertaining and informative, the trivia game uses historic photographs and artifacts to test the students' knowledge and engage them in the story of the missionaries and commercial whalers, and their interaction with the native peoples.

This site and its components can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom, including learning activities for both on and off the computer. For best results ensure your screen resolution is set to 800 x 600 and your computer is equipped with Macromedia Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat.

It is the intent of the Old Log Church Museum to provide a stimulating and interactive educational component to complement The Bishop Who Ate His Boots Virtual Museum Exhibit. The information presented in this educational component reflects an overview to many aspects of native culture and northern lifestyles early in the twentieth century, and may not account for the experiences in all aboriginal groups living in that area at that time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this overview, and enjoy your learning and teaching experience with The Bishop Who Ate His Boots Virtual Museum Exhibit.

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