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Link to website Explore Herschel Island! An island off the Yukon North Slope in the Beaufort Sea that was home to ancestors of the people of the Arctic and served as an American commercial whaling colony in the 1890s. A dozen whaling structures still stand and there are rich archaeological and palaeontological sites. It is managed according to the Inuvialuit Final Agreement.

Link to website Yukon Photographers: The Gold Rush Era, 1897-1900 Photographers have been visiting the Yukon since U.S. Army Lieutenant Schwatka travelled down the Yukon River in 1883. After the discovery of gold on Bonanza Creek in 1896, many commercial photographers travelled to Dawson City, photographing the journey and establishing studios along the way. Many of the stampeders also had small roll-film cameras as part of their outfits. The photographers featured here were in the Yukon just before or during the gold rush and are only some of those that photographed the Klondike gold rush.

Link to website Fort Selkirk Fort Selkirk, found just north of the confluence of the Yukon and Pelly rivers, is a land of very cold, dry winters and mild, temperate summers.


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