Enid Legros-Wise- Bob Box, "Barnacle Box"

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Silhouette of Bob Box, "Barnacle Box" Thumbnail of Wist Box, "Wings like after . . . and erin and wists and things . . . Souhaits de ma fille" Thumbnail of Rock Box, "Coupes pluviales sur glace . . . rain cups on the rocks" Thumbnail of The Choir . . . Le choeur de chant Thumbnail of Pair of Stump Vases, "Tree Spirits . . . Génies des bois" Thumbnail of Wave

Enid Legros-Wise

Bob Box, "Barnacle Box", c. 1980
Collection of the Burlington Art Centre.
Donated by Patricia Rogal, 1995.

Tiny round lidded container; decoration of flowers in relief on lid with painted details given relief outlines, soft colours, subtle presentation of image.

Enid Legros-Wise in Japanese
Bob Box, "Barnacle Box" in Japanese
Bob Box, "Barnacle Box" description in Japanese

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