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Sally Michener

Artist Statement

Currently, I work in two ways. One is direct hand building using moulds to piece together components which are then stacked to create life-height columns. I use imagery of the body inside and out, plant or organic forms, decorative motifs and so on. This assemblage approach gives me many opportunities to improvise, letting the final image evolve. It is a playful process. The Puebla made "Talavera Transformed" series of columns includes "ready-mades" such as a cup, plate, teapot, candlestick, along with images such as the angel, Madonna, frog, dog and fruit. I like constructing with small components which I piece together to create larger works.

For over 10 years I have also worked with ceramic mosaic, cladding tall bodies or geometric columns. I have collected an extensive assortment of tile material: shards from pots by many artists, historic bits from city dumps and the Fraser River, commercial and handmade tiles. I added glass tiles and mirror to the mix. One recent series is called "Bare Bones" where a skeletal body has been wrapped around the column like a stick drawing and then animated with the tile patterns. I also recently clad an 8-foot fibreglass fish with the glass tiles and mirror.

My work deals with the familiar, but hopefully in unexpected ways. I combine disparate elements to arouse curiosity. I am an odd mix of inherited abilities and propensities, experiences including chance events lucky and unlucky. Any attempt to make logical, rational, orderly work seems bizarre. It is this eclectic, often funny, take on life which I hope to give a visual shape.

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