The Burlington Art Centre would like to thank the following individuals:

Burlington Art Centre
  • Jonathan E. Smith, Curator of the Permanent Collection
  • George Wale, Director of Programs
  • Chris Howard, Technology Co-ordinator
  • Jennifer Bullock, Content Co-ordinator
  • David Kupas, Head Ceramics Technician
  • Ian D. Ross, Executive Director
  • Beryl Budnark, Artist/Instructor

Canadian Digital Collections

  • Michelle Braun, Project Officer
  • Wendy Yam, Database Technical Services Officer


This site was produced by the Synthescape team.

  • Darin Freitag, Managing Director
  • Mike Cordeiro, Media Producer/Asset Coordinator
  • Matias Santini, Photographer, Programmer
  • Matthew Smith, Graphic Design
  • Zac Marshall, Video/Motion Graphics Specialist
  • Jaclyn Shimoji, Photographer
  • Matthew Wiebe, Team Leader

Synthescape would also like to thank Barking Dog Studios, Beryl
Budnark, DNS Translations, Paul Eekhoff Photographer, Robin Hopper,
Graham Sheehan, Pepperbox Productions, Pottery Videos, and Doris
Vidakovic for invaluable assistance.

The Burlington Art Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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