Fire + Earth includes over 350 pieces of ceramic art by 57 Canadian artists. You can explore these pieces by selecting an artist above, or through the Index of Works which provides a visual preview of a selected artists work or a straightforward list of all the pieces in the exhibition.

A selection of the original works from Fire + Earth has been presented in QuicktimeVR, which allows you to examine a piece from any angle. The virtual exhibition also includes biographies, exhibition history, and additional works by the original artists.

In About Fire + Earth you can view photographs of the exhibition as it was installed in a variety of galleries. Jonathan Smith and Shinjin Ozaki, the co-curators, offer their thoughts on how they selected the original exhibition of 61 pieces. A PDF catalogue is also available for browsing off-line.

Methods + Materials provides newcomers to ceramic art the chance to learn more about how ceramics are made. Videos and images are used to further explain many of the techniques involved.

This digital collection was produced with support from Canada's Digital Collections Intiative, Industry Canada