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Sight of the fjord

Fauna - Environment - Saguenay : An exceptional fjord!

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Sight of the fjordThese dark waters, bounded by high rocky capes that dive just as deeply, impart an air of mystery to the Saguenay Fjord. One cannot refrain from wondering what can indeed be hidden in these black waters. Although it seems very quiet at the surface, the Fjord beneath is bustling with aquatic life. It is a haven for numerous species of fish and marine invertebrates that surface to breathe out of the water, rest or socialize.

The hydrological characteristics of the Fjord enable freshwater and seawater species to live next to each other. The boundaries are well defined by the water salinity and temperature that allows them to live in their respective areas.

Amongst the fjords of the world, the Saguenay Fjord is considered as having great biological wealth. This is due to the conditions created by water flowing in from the Saint Lawrence estuary twice a day at high tide. The wide biodiversity and particular ecological conditions make the Saguenay Fjord a natural environment abounding with marine life that is unique in the world.

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