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The minke whale : the loyal one…

Minke whaleNicknamed "gibard", the minke is a baleen whale commonly found throughout the North Atlantic. This migrating species wanders in the Saint Lawrence to feed.

Its status isn't precarious, but the fact that it is still hunted by the Norwegians and the Japanese is a matter for controversy throughout the world. Ned Lynas, part of the ORES research group working for the protection of the minke at the international level , was able to indentify about a hundred or so individuals in the Saint Lawrence estuary. During an inventory taken in the Saguenay in 1991 (Lavigueur and al., 1993), 7 minke whales were counted. Usually a loner, sometimes accompanied by a calf, it is always loyal to one particular sector (Ned Lynas, personal communication).

Although it can go up to Baie Éternité the mouth of the Saguenay is the area where these first-rate hunters feed. Very fast and agile, they are particularly fond of small fish like capelin, sand-eel and herring. The Pointe-Noire (Baie Sainte Catherine) and Pointe de l'Islet (Tadoussac) land observation sites are well known sites to admire the minke executing its amazing hunting techniques.

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