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The Saguenay fjord region is a tourist destination with memorable and unusual landscapes throughout the seasons. Whether you enjoy nature, culture, music or fine food, you will find the Saguenay fjord region appealing with its majestic landscape and magnificent scenery. Behind its towering walls and impressive capes, a city and a series of villages decorate the travel route that lets you discover the magical land.

And when winter rapidly invades the fjord, hundreds of small colourful ice-fishing cabins with smoking chimneys suddenly appear on the ice. This is where you may fish cod, smelt and redfish. In the fjord region, you will see alpine skiers enjoying the snow covered mountain slopes and cross-country skiers tackling the fresh snow covered trails. Experience escaping into the wilderness of our northern forest on snowshoes, with snowmobiles or with dogsleds.

There are numerous different activities in the summer: large scale live stage shows, hiking, camping, kayaking, sailing, boat cruises, and visiting nature centres, museums and historic sites.

The people are authentic, joyful, and warm and express their appreciation of the fjord through their music, theater performances, dancing, literature, arts and culture.

Experience life in the fjord and discover the magic of a truly enlightening adventure in an astonishingly beautiful setting

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