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Sight of the fjord

Fjord - Saguenay Fjord!

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The Saguenay fjord allows the waters from the Atlantic Ocean and of the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence to flow into the heart of the Saguenay Kingdom. It drains the water of a catchment basin that covers 88,000 km2 and is 550 kilometres long.
This arm of the sea originates at the centre of Quebec and in the northern forest east of Canada. It is unique in the world by its geographic location, the fantastic history and the distribution of the population that settled along the entire length of its shores.

Air sight of the fjord

The purpose of this site is to allow the public to discover and appreciate the natural miracle of the Saguenay Fjord. We also wish to provide clear, accessible and serious information about the most significant aspects of its environment and its history. Here, you will find certain themes that reveal the uniqueness of its location and human occupation, as well as its exceptional size, fauna and marine intrusion.

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