The Force in the North


The NWMP put up a tent at Bennett in 1898 for a customs station and established a local police presence. The post, at first overflowing with officers, was no longer needed and therefore dismantled less than two years later. Once the Gold Rush ended, the police presence at Bennett was drastically downsized, as the following notes from the NWMP Annual Reports illustrate.

The buildings at Bennett were not big enough to quarter the 14 men stationed there. The police will be able to buy bunk houses belonging to Messrs. McLeod and Sullivan and so will only have to build a stable. The guard room is in charge of the Yukon men although it is in British Columbia. (Report of the North-West Mounted Police, 1898. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer. 1899:35.)

There is no police reserve at Bennett as the place where the buildings stood has been disposed of to private individuals by the British Columbia government. (Report of the North-West Mounted Police, 1898. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer. 1899:41.)

This year (1899/1900) regular weekly patrols will be made from detachment to detachment between Bennett and Dawson, a distance of 500 miles. (Report of the North-West Mounted Police, 1899. Sessional Paper No.15. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer. 1900:5.)

The Bennett detachment was only in operation in 1898. Nothing is left of the buildings that were constructed there.