The Force in the North


In the fall of 1898, Inspector Wood was in charge of the district between the boundary and Selkirk. A detachment was established at Carcross in 1898.

A building erected by the Department of Public Works and used by them in the summer of 1899, was handed over to the police and the detachment now occupies it. The telegraph office and operator still uses the building. The old site was part of the timber limit belonging to the Kerry Canadian Milling Company and it was relinquished. Forty acres was reserved around the Department of Building Works building and that is now used as a detachment. The old detachment buildings were sold. (Report of the North-West Mounted Police, 1899. Sessional Paper No.15. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer. 1900:16, 22.)

Carcross detachment was one of the first to patrol by boat. In 1901, the Caribou detachment patrolled the Tagish district in the summer with the Alco-Vapor launch Tagish. This detachment also takes the liquor shipments for Atlin to the British Columbia boundary. (Report of the North-West Mounted Police, 1901. Sessional Papers, Volume 11. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer. 1902:9.)

After the Gold Rush, Carcross detachment stayed open and by the mid-1910s was one of the few detachments left in the Whitehorse sub-district. It was served by a single member of the Force for most of the time until World War II.

The Carcross detachment became a busy post during the building of the Skagway road during the 1970s and it remains a small rural detachment.