The Force in the North

Fort McPherson

Charles Constantine established detachments at Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, and Herschel Island, Yukon, in 1902. Once the headquarters were found, Constantine departed and left Francis Fitzgerald to develop a detachment at Fort McPherson and then at Herschel Island.

The intent was for these posts to be temporary units where Americans could be made to pay customs duties. But, after crossing north above the Arctic Circle, a whole new era of the NWMP had begun. Fort McPherson became an important base for exploration and patrolling the Northern Arctic territories of Canada. Fort McPherson was the site of the tragic Lost Patrol in which four Mounties lost their lives.

The police patrol will be sent to McPherson as usual about the first of the year. No direct patrol will go to Rampart House, but communications may be had with that post from McPherson or some other point before spring. Supplies for the first relay of the McPherson patrol were sent out by team over the summer road to Twelvemile recently. ("Police For Trail", From the Dawson News in the Whitehorse Star, November 13, 1914.)