West Kootenay Power and Light Goat River ProjectWest Kootenay Power and Light Goat River ProjectDownstream from the construction site of the Goat River DamPreliminary construction of the crib damPreliminary construction of the crib damGoat River projectThe upstream face of the crib damDownstream view of the crib damDiver preparing to inspect the damWater chute used to divert the Goat RiverView down stream of the Goat RiverThe concrete forms and the crib damNear the completion of the Crib DamHigh water levels covering the crib damConcrete forms for the arc damContinued construction of the concrete dam withWater overflowing the top of the concrete arc damInterior of the Goat River Dam PowerhouseCompleted dam and powerhouseGoat River Dam PowerhouseThe Dam Superintendant's houseThe powerhouse and Superintendant's houseIce buildup at the powerhouseIce buildup at damIce buildup at the foot of the damIce buildup at the head of the damWater spilling over the top of the damView across the goat riverGoat River Dam view 1935Goat River Dam view 1935Goat River Dam view 1935Canyon Power DamGoat River power houseCanyon FallsGoat River DamGoat River Dam Powerhouse

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