Klondike Rush for Gold Virtual Museum of Canada

The date is July 20, 1897. The steamer Portland arrived in your hometown of Seattle three days ago, laden with gold from a place called the Klondike in the distant Canadian north. News of the gold strike is traveling fast. Men and women alike speak of packing their belongings and heading off to the Klondike Gold Fields to find their fortunes. Some talk of hiring others or investing in syndicates to collect the gold on their behalf.
steamship queen
Steamship Queen with an eager crowd of gold rush stampeders at the Seattle waterfront, 1898. Seattle
Museum of History & Industry, 88.33.116
The newspapers are calling the gold fever Klondicitus , and it seems to be affecting everyone, including you. You have a small amount of savings, enough to get you to the Klondike at least, where you will certainly be able to strike it rich!

Will you go to the Klondike , invest in a Klondike syndicate, or ignore the lure of gold and stay home?