Answer all questions as completely as you can:

1. Describe how one item of climbing gear has changed since the days of the Duke of Abruzzi’s climbing days. How has the item changed? What was it like long ago? What is it like today? What has made these changes possible? Why is this beneficial to climbers?

2. How do climbers deal with the problem of traction on ice/ice climbing? What are the tools or items of clothing which modern and historical climbers have used?

3. How has the development of modern aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) changed the process of climbing and made it into a more popular sport?

4. How many climbers were involved in the 1925 climb? How many made it to the top of the mountain?

5. What were two challenges faced by the expedition in the 1925 climb?

6. Describe the process of getting to the base camp for the 1925 climb:

7. Describe one decision you would have made differently if you were A.H. MacCarthy, why you would have changed that decision, and how it would have affected the whole climb: