Grade levels: 6-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:
  1. Meet and learn from local First Nations experts in various areas of culture.
  2. Put the information they have learned into a real human context.
  3. Realize the role of oral information and stories in their own lives.
Will depend on who can come to your class or school.

Lesson Process:

1. Today will be a day to celebrate local First Nations culture. Contact the First Nations in your area, explain what you would like to do, and get a list of people you may invite to your class. You may invite a drummer, another storyteller, someone who makes traditional tools, someone who does traditional beading or clothing construction and decoration, etc... Find out who is around, who is available, and who would be willing to come to your class. Have an honorarium or a gift for each visitor. Have the class make a card to thank each visitor for sharing their culture with the class. As with the last lesson, it is a good idea to have some food and tea or juice for any celebration. Set up an area of the class for each person, and have groups circulate to learn the information they have to share. Encourage questions, but make sure you have spoken with the students about respect and appreciation of diversity.