Grade levels: 9-12

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:

1. Describe some of the features of the Mount Logan Ice Cap.
2. Refine online research techniques.
3. Learn now to better organize research questions.

  • Computers with internet access
  • Worksheets (below)
Lesson Process:

1. Introduce today’s lesson by brainstorming with students what they know about Mount Logan and about Glaciation. Hand out the KTW worksheet, below. Ask them to fill in the section KNOW about what they KNOW about glaciation and Mount Logan. Next, they fill out the section THINK, with ideas that they think are probably true but wish to confirm through research, regarding the ice cap on Mount Logan. Finally, they must complete the WANT TO KNOW section, which poses research questions. For example, in the KNOW section, they may write that Mount Logan has a permanent ice cap. Under THINK they could write that they think that the ice cap probably changes over time. Under WANT TO KNOW, they may write: Does the ice cap on Mount Logan change over time?

2. Once the students have planned their research using the KTW sheet, move to computers and begin research. Ensure that students are fully reading and understanding the section of the Mount Logan website on the Mount Logan Ice Cap, and taking full notes.

3. Ensure that students have gained all of the knowledge they will need from the Mount Logan Ice Cap section of the site by running a review game, such as Jeopardy or a team-based challenge to answer key questions taken from the site.

KTW: How to organize research questions:
HINT: The more specific and detailed you make your statements, the more effective your research will be!

What do you KNOW about your topic?

What do you THINK about your topic?

What do you WANT to find out about your topic?