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"I am extremely indebted to the Guild for all the research opportunities, learning and many special friendships that I have enjoyed over the years." Dot From.

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  • Stitching the prairie...

    And this one here is just simply Prairie Fields. And while the viewer is really only seeing one good field, and a portion of the other, and a road but ... in some instances the sky is a field on the prairie. So, I've always regarded this piece, when I say, Prairie Fields, the sky is another field.

  • Using silk...

    And the threads, some people use silks and other ...various silks I guess you'd say and rayons, and whatever. For a couple of reasons I've persisted in using DMCs. And I don't use very many silks at all, and I guess that's for two reasons. One because of the cost. And the other is because I that think if you use the DMC thread well, you do get very good results. It may not quite measure up to silk. But I'm not sure that you want silk in every... like it depends on what you're trying to do. And I'm not sure that the prairie is silk maybe background, you know. So, therefore I don't need to use silk.

  • Teaching embroidery to others...

    So I used to have a fair number of students doing this. I'm not sure that it was ever extremely successful. They were... they really liked the sampler, but I think... I'm not sure that they were ready to follow through on the idea that the sampler is really raw learning, basic learning. You are not ending up with a particular product. You can certainly hand your piece and have it look presentable, but its not like this is the grand masterpiece because it is just a collection of motifs and techniques and colours. And then out of this its understood would come the student's particular piece. And I think by the time they'd finished this pieces, it was like "I've done it".