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  • The limitations of using a pattern...

    Yes, I've done that. I found it restricting because you had to follow a pattern. And my sister now is a quilter, and she came one time with a book of patterns which she left with me of needlepoint. And I started because you can hook from a needlepoint pattern. So I started doing it but half way through I found that I wasn't following the pattern any more. I wanted something different.

  • The Crafts Guild saving the past...

    The thing that I really admired about the Crafts Guild was the way in which they tried to find all the crafts and the handwork that immigrants brought from various countries. And not only save samples of it but make teaching possible. So that people still do Hardanger, and they still do some of the intricate weaving that the Czechoslovakian people brought over with them, and the marvelous embroidery. And its there for people to see now when you want to know what happened and how pioneer people who had almost nothing else made beauty in very difficult surroundings.