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  • Trying new things...

    Everytime I see something new I think "I've got to try that and see if I can do it". And most things I try and love doing... I didn't like doing macrame. But most things I really take off and start really doing it. And so I make something for my sister and something for my kids.

  • The creative urge...

    I just like to do things with my hands. Is it sort of a creative urge? I don't know, I don't know. And everytime I see something I would like to do it. And I brought home a kit to make Hardanger and I said to my sister "Look what I've found - I'll teach you to make Hardanger". And she says "I don't want to learn". And I don't know, I wonder... you see when I was little if I said I wanted to learn something I was immediately signed up for lessons, And you know, we didn't have very much money, but I took piano lessons, and singing lessons, elocution lessons, dancing lessons, ballet, tap dancing. If I said I wanted to do something I was immediately signed up for lessons. And maybe its just a carry over from my Mom, but my sister never wanted to do anything, so she never did. And I don't know whether I wanted to right from the beginning. I don't know. Are people born wanting to learn things?