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II. Deportation
We were put in trucks and taken to the railroad station, and piled into boxcars. The conditions were worse than in the ghetto, with no sanitary measures at all. There was standing room only and only one tiny window with wire across it. It was cold and we didn't get any food during the three days. I remember feeling sorry for my youngest brother and my 84-year-old Grandmother. She asked us where we were going, and I said, "To Palestine".

I remember thinking that this wasn't a game, this was serious. If they can leave people in a boxcar for three days, without food or an explanation, what is it going to be like when we get there? These are barbarians. We'd better start thinking survival.
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David's Map
I. Gherla, Transylvania
II. Deportation
III. Auschwitz
IV. Death March
V. Realizing the Loss
VI. Coming to Canada
VII. Becoming Canadian