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IV. Death March
As the Russians started to advance, Auschwitz was evacuated and the death march began. There were thousands of us marching in the winter and snow, with one loaf of bread under our arms. We marched for three days and three nights without stopping for sleep. By the second or third day you could barely walk. Many died on that march, because if you didn't keep up they shot you.

At last, we ended up in a big city, where we were put in a large soccer stadium. Finally we had a chance to sit down. I had rags on my feet, because it was so very cold. Then they put us on trains in open cattle cars. We travelled west for two days. Our first stop was Mauthausen Concentration Camp (Map) . As we walked through the very beautiful town of Mauthausen, with little bakery shops, butcher shops and people going about their work, I remember thinking what a beautiful town this would be, under different circumstances.
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I. Gherla, Transylvania
II. Deportation
III. Auschwitz
IV. Death March
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A labour and concentration camp for men established in 1938 near Linz, Austria with fourty-nine sub camps. Characterized by extremely brutal conditions, where approximately 120,000 of the 200,000 prisoners were murdered or worked to death. Equipped with gas chambers and a crematorium. Many prisoners were killed by being pushed from 300-foot cliffs into the stone quarries. Liberated on May 5, 1945 by the US Army.