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II. The Ghetto
When we arrived at the stadium, I saw what looked like thousands of people divided into three groups. I later learned that the first group was for professional people with skills useful to the SS. They were taken back to the ghetto to continue working. The second group consisted of strong, healthy people who were to be sent to labour camps. The third group was for children, old people and the disabled, people who were not useful to the SS. Later I learned that their fate was to be extermination. At the entrance to the stadium stood an SS guard with a dog and a large stick. He decided which group we were to join. I was sent to the third group for extermination. Suddenly, I saw my father and brothers in the first group. Wanting to be with them, I started to run towards them. My father saw me and started to run towards me. He was stopped by a soldier, beaten and pushed back to his group. In the confusion, I made it into the second group.
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Regina's Map
I. Bedzin, Poland
II. The Ghetto
III. Concentration Camps
IV. The End of the War
V. Immigration to Canada
VI. Arrival
VII. Becoming Canadian
Abbreviation for Schutzstaffel (Defence Protective Units), usually written with two lightning symbols. Initially established as Hitler's personal bodyguard, the SS was transformed into a larger organization by Heinrich Himmler. Although some SS units were assigned to the battlefield, the organization is best known for its role in the destruction of European Jewry.