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II. Auschwitz & Muhldorf
I was soon given a prisoner number, "processed," and sent with a large group to Muhldorf Concentration Camp (Map), a work camp. Our task was to build an underground cement aircraft maintenance bunker. That camp did not need gas chambers — people were dying quicker than flies. We were fed below the minimum calories required for normal existence, and were forced to work very hard. Beatings, injuries and diseases made people succumb at a rapid rate.

Being smaller than the average prisoner had its advantages; I could exist better on the meagre amount of food received. The disadvantage was that I could not hold my own when it came to physical altercations. I quickly became "camp smart" and learned the rules of survival. All my attention was focused on survival — every day, every hour, and every minute. After a while, I knew that I could survive for a long time.
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I. Satu Mare, Romania
II. Auschwitz & Muhldorf
III. At Liberation
IV. Life as a Refugee
V. Sailing to Canada
VI. Becoming Canadian
Muhldorf (Muehldorf or Möhldorf) Concentration Camp
Established in 1942 as a sub-camp of Dachau to support the German war effort. Used forced labourers to produce airplanes, armaments and rockets in large underground factories.