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I. Childhood in Poland
I was born in 1931 in Zbarazh, Ukraine (formerly Poland). Later I learned that the town had been in existence since 1519. There were probably about 300 Jewish families. All my mother's brothers and sisters lived nearby. My grandmother had 9 children, so by the time I got to see all my cousins I didn't see much of the community. On Sundays, all the Jewish families would promenade in the park, with high heels and beautiful clothes. My family was very secular and Zionist. We had made plans to go to Palestine.

I lived in a fabulous world of my own and I had imaginary friends. This might be due to the fact that I was always sick with swollen glands. I had a private tutor so I wouldn't miss too much school work. Every Sunday someone came to teach me Hebrew. I also went to a regular school and I remember art classes more than anything else. I remember singing Christmas carols. They sounded pretty.
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I. Childhood in Poland
II. "Things began to change"
III. The Lvov Ghetto
IV. Hiding
V. War's End
VI. Looking for a Home
VII. Voyage and Arrival
VIII. Adjusting
IX. A New Life
An ancient Canaanite language of the Hebrews traditionally used in prayer. It has been revived as the official language of the State of Israel.
Someone of the Hebrew or Jewish people. Someone who is either born or converts to Judaism, which is the religion, philosophy and way of life of the Jewish People.
A Jewish movement that began in the late 19th century in response to growing anti-Semitism and pogroms against the Jews, which sought to re-establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Today Zionists are concerned with the support and development of the state of Israel.