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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
Where Can We Go?
The Journey
Welcome to Canada
New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
VI. Looking for a Home
Things began to move fast after that. Within two days I was put on a bus to Aglasterhausen, an UNRRA children's centre, where we had classes, a choir and even produced a play, but all we cared about was the boat. Rumours flew everyday about the possibility of a boat. Our disappointment was palpable.

We were all screened, medically and psychologically. You had to be under eighteen and healthy. I was the thirtieth one chosen. The grilling was phenomenal. They looked at our personality, health and character. I assume they didn't want psychotics or sick people. There were weekly appointments with horrendous scrutiny.
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Celina's Map
I. Childhood in Poland
II. "Things began to change"
III. The Lvov Ghetto
IV. Hiding
V. War's End
VI. Looking for a Home
VII. Voyage and Arrival
VIII. Adjusting
IX. A New Life
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration founded in 1943 by the Allies to aid refugees in the liberated countries of Europe and the Far East. After the war, it provided relief and helped millions of displaced persons repatriate or emigrate.