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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
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New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
II. Auschwitz-Birkenau
We were lined up along the tracks and soldiers went up and down the rows, looking for people with physical abnormalities and for twins. One of our neighbours called out that she had twins and pointed to Miriam and I, saying that we were also twins.

Miriam and I were taken to a hospital in Birkenau. We were told that everything would be all right and that we would be reunited with our parents later. Something didn't seem right, though, and I was scared. I asked some people what was happening there and they pointed to the chimneys. I never told my sister Miriam. I kept it a secret from her because I wanted to protect her. From that day on, I never took my eyes off those chimneys.
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Leo's Map
I. Childhood in Berehovo
II. Auschwitz-Birkenau
III. At Liberation
IV. Displaced Person
V. Voyage
VI. Becoming Canadian