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V. Voyage
Finally, I sailed with a group of orphans from Genoa, Italy on March the 10th, 1948 on the Nea Hellas, a Greek ocean liner. The trip took two and a half weeks. At first, everyone in our group was seasick. We were each given five American dollars in spending money. I bought cigarettes, which were 15 cents a package, and chocolate bars. I had never had such things. I really pigged out. In the concentration camp and in the DP camp, we had smoked Machorka — chopped wood wrapped in newspapers.

There were about 115 Jewish kids on the boat. Leslie Spiro was one of them. When the ship landed in Halifax, a group of Jewish people from the community met us and gave us a beautiful reception.
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I. Childhood in Berehovo
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V. Voyage
VI. Becoming Canadian