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Canadian Immigration Overview
VI. Becoming Canadian
When I left school I was offered two or three different jobs. I ended up working for the Chernovs, the family who had taken my sister in. They owned Front Street Furniture in New Westminster, where I began working on May 29, 1950. While I was working there, I got to know the owner of Horne's Men's Wear and when Mr. Horne said that he was going to retire, I decided that I wanted to buy the store. The Fox and Chernov families helped me by undersigning a $500 bank loan for me, which allowed me to buy the store. In 1954 I married Jocy Kalensky. Now we have three sons, Gary, Stephen and Richard, and two grandchildren, Seth and Nathan.
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I. Childhood in Berehovo
II. Auschwitz-Birkenau
III. At Liberation
IV. Displaced Person
V. Voyage
VI. Becoming Canadian