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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
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The Journey
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New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
I. Childhood
I was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1935, the youngest of eleven children. My earliest memory is of my mother making lokshen kugel (noodle casserole). I remember the smells of my mother making gefilte fish and of the fish swimming in the laundry tub. She didn't do it like we do today. She took the whole fish and stuffed it and put the carrots around the rim of the plate.

I never went to school because I was only four years old when the war began in 1939. I remember being surrounded by my brothers and sisters. My brother Henri taught me a geography game that we played in the sand. We had a dog, Jacqui, who was white with a black eye. I remember going to the community baths with my mother. I remember her hugs and kisses.
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I. Childhood
II. Into Hiding
III. Orphanages
IV. Journey to Canada
V. Becoming Canadian
VI. School
VII. A New Life