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Canadian Immigration Overview
I. Childhood
We lived in an apartment, up two flights of stairs. There was a large room with a big kitchen table and a stove. I slept with my mother in her bedroom. My mother also had a sewing room where she made her living, sewing uniforms. I remember stealing sugar cubes from the china cabinet.

My father died when I was a year and a half old. I never knew him. After he died, my mother couldn't support so many children so Albert, Bernard, Henri, Esther & Jacques were sent to an orphanage for a while. My brothers Charles and Jules and sister Sarah were already married and not living at home.
II. Into Hiding »    
Mariette's Map
I. Childhood
II. Into Hiding
III. Orphanages
IV. Journey to Canada
V. Becoming Canadian
VI. School
VII. A New Life