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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
Where can we go?
The Journey
Welcome to Canada
New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
II. Into Hiding
Eventually, Jean separated us all and placed us in different hiding places. I remember him telling me to kiss Maman goodbye. My next memory is of being with a strange family. I think that my mind went into shock. I never cried. I became a child of silence. I was so hurt. While the children in the house went to school, I used to sit under the kitchen table. I wasn't allowed to go outside.

Afterwards, Jean moved me around to many different hiding places and I lived with so many different people. Jean told me to always remember who I was and that I was Jewish, but never to tell anyone my last name, for fear that it would reveal that I was Jewish. I don't think I really understood but I knew not to ask questions. Henri was the one who kept track of where we all were during the war and would always keep in touch with me.
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Mariette's Map
I. Childhood
II. Into Hiding
III. Orphanages
IV. Journey to Canada
V. Becoming Canadian
VI. School
VII. A New Life
Someone of the Hebrew or Jewish people. Someone who is either born or converts to Judaism, which is the religion, philosophy and way of life of the Jewish People.