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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
Where Can We Go?
The Journey
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New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
V. Refugee Life
My sister and I left Hungary, spent some time in Vienna, before arriving in Deggendorf, a Displaced person's (DP) Camp near Munich in Bavaria. There were all these welfare organizations, UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration), the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and others who started to come around to see us and organize us. They started to set up camps and the survivors were registered and fed, given clothing, whatever. We spent a year and a half in the DP camp, still looking for people we had known. I wanted to emigrate to Israel, but couldn't because of the
British blockade at the time. My sister, on the other hand, fell in love with someone and moved back to Hungary with him. Again, I traveled around looking for a ship that could take me to Israel.    
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UNRRA / United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Founded in 1943 by the Allies to aid refugees in the liberated countries of Europe and the Far East. It provided relief in the form of food and clothing and helped millions of displaced persons be repatriated or emigrate after the war.
British Blockade
In May 1939 Britain restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine in order to gain the support of the Arab states in the war against Germany. Britain blocked the attempts of Jews who tried to immigrate (aliya bet) illegally. This conflict did not end until the founding of Israel in 1948.
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Overseas relief and rehabilitation agency, established by American Jews in 1914. It helped Jews emigrate from Germany after 1930. It provided assistance to European Jews during the war and to displaced persons after the war.
Leslie's Map
I. Childhood in Hungary
II. Into the Ghetto
III. The Concentration Camps
IV. At Liberation
V. Refugee Life
VI. A Home in Canada
VII. Reflections
Displaced Persons camps
Facilities established in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium, some located in former concentration camps, where stateless Jews were housed. Some refugees remained in these camps for several years while they waited for permission to immigrate.