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The Holocaust
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II. During the Holocaust
I was eight years old in 1939 when my city was bombed and occupied by the Nazis. I thought that it was a game until I saw a man shot to death. I matured forty years in that instant.

Then the round-ups started. Soldiers with bayonets and guns would push Jews onto trucks. Some of the Jews came back after the day's work, some didn't. At the next round-up, some people started to run away. People were getting frantic.

Hasag, a German ammunitions factory was established in our town and the Jews were forced to work there. My father had to close his tailor shop and work in the munitions factory, along with my sister and brothers.
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Robbie's Map
I. Skarszysko, Poland
II. During the Holocaust
III. Rediscovering Freedom
IV. Orphanage
V. Finding a Home
VI. Coming to Canada
VII. Becoming Canadian
A member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) founded in 1919 and brought to power in 1933 under Adolf Hitler.