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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
Where Can We Go?
The Journey
Welcome to Canada
New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
III. Rediscovering Freedom
I was fourteen years old when I was liberated from Buchenwald on April 11, 1945. Suddenly a hush came over the camp and the shelling stopped. Our barrack was close to the main gate and I saw soldiers in different uniforms entering the camp. Prisoners came running out from everywhere. I ran out after a jeep and I saw some black American soldiers. I went up to one of them and I touched him. His name was Leon Bass. Years later, in 1983, I saw a picture of Leon in a magazine and tracked him down. We were reunited and have remained friends ever since.
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Robbie's Map
I. Skarszysko, Poland
II. During the Holocaust
III. Rediscovering Freedom
IV. Orphanage
V. Finding a Home
VI. Coming to Canada
VII. Becoming Canadian