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Before the War
The Holocaust
Displaced Persons Camps
Where Can We Go?
The Journey
Welcome to Canada
New Lives
Canadian Immigration Overview
IV. Orphanage
As a group, we were headstrong, angry and unmanageable. They called us "les enfants terribles". We resisted going to classes and disrupted cultural events organized for us. Later, I had a chance to read some of the reports written about us at the time, which concluded that we had seen and suffered too much and could not be rehabilitated. They said that we were without redeeming value and likely to end up in jail as criminals. Obviously, the experts did not understand our trauma. As it turned out, none of us ended up in jail. Many of us became professionals, doctors, lawyers and businessmen. My friend Jezyk Zyskind became a well-known physicist. Another member of our group, Elie Wiesel, won the Nobel Prize for literature.
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I. Skarszysko, Poland
II. During the Holocaust
III. Rediscovering Freedom
IV. Orphanage
V. Finding a Home
VI. Coming to Canada
VII. Becoming Canadian