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When Adolf Hitler and the Nazis came to power in 1933, they began to systematically remove Jews from the cultural and commercial life of Germany. Jewish property and businesses were confiscated and Jewish children were denied the right to a public education. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 further isolated Jews by revoking their citizenship. The goal was to make Germany judenrein (free of Jews).     more... »
Hitler, Adolf (1889-1945)
Founder of the German Nazi party and its leader from 1919 until 1945. Hitler became Chancellor of the Third Reich from 1933-45. He outlined his plans for territorial conquest and expressed his hatred for Jews in his autobiography Mein Kampf written in 1923. On January 30, 1942 Hitler set in motion the destruction and murder of six million Jews. He committed suicide in an underground bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945.
Someone of the Hebrew or Jewish people. Someone who is either born or converts to Judaism, which is the religion, philosophy and way of life of the Jewish People.
Nuremberg Laws
Anti-Jewish legislation announced during a Nazi party rally in Nuremberg, Germany on September 15, 1935. The first of a long series of decrees which stripped Jews of their German citizenship, defined a Jew based on the number of Jewish grandparents, prohibited marriages and sexual relations between Jews and Germans, prohibited Jews from hiring German maids under the age of 45 and raising the German flag.