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To qualify for the War Orphans Project, the young people had to prove that they were under the age of eighteen. However, as the orphans waited for immigration approval many turned eighteen and became ineligible for the project. In desperation, some of these young people claimed to be younger than they were in order to qualify for the program. Attempts by Canadian Jewish Congress to have some of the orphans' older brothers and sisters included in the project were rejected.      more... »
War Orphans Project
An initiative of the Canadian Jewish community that secured the permission of the Canadian government to admit Jewish orphans after the war. In 1947, Privy Council Order #1647 was issued permitting 1000 Jewish war orphans, under eighteen years of age, to immigrate to Canada under the auspices of Canadian Jewish Congress, with the stipulation that full responsibility for the children's welfare be assumed by the Jewish community.
Canadian Jewish Congress / CJC
An organization of the Canadian Jewish community, founded in 1919, but was dormant until events in Europe revitalized it in 1933. During and after the war, it worked to secure asylum for Jewish refugees in Canada.