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Point Prim Lighthouse Stories

In common with most parts of Prince Edward Island, especially along the coast of the Northumberland Strait, Point Prim has a story of the Burning Ship. Once during the spring months when the lighthouse was not yet in operation a ship was sighted in the Strait. It was so real to Angus Murchison that he went to open the light as he was obliged to do if a ship was sighted in the Strait. When he had everything in working order to give guidance to the burning vessel, it disappeared!

Manson Murchison also saw the Phantom Ship across the Strait, west of Pictou Island, Nova Scotia.

Another story told in the area is that of the missing Acadian bell. A number of Acadians had settled in the Point Prim area and had built a small church. The building was also used as a school. In 1758, when the Acadians were expelled from Isle St. Jean, as Prince Edward Island was then called, the people are rumoured to have buried the church bell to keep the British Army from finding it. People have searched the nearby marsh for the bell but it has never been found. The building survived until recent years, but never divulged the secret whereabouts of its prized bell.

Church bell.
Church bell.
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