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The following appeared in The Islander, a discontinued local newspaper, on April 5, 1845: “On Monday last, a Committee appointed by the House of Assembly, consisting of Hon. Joseph Pope, Speaker F. Longworth, W. Douse, G. Coles, A. MacLean, and D. Montgomery, Esqs., accompanied by the Hon. T. H. Haviland, W. Cundall, Esq. High Sherrif, L.W.Gall, Esq. Land Surveyor, and J. D. Macdonnell, W. Bremmer, George Birnie, J. Longworth, M. Dogherty, and Isaac Smith, Esqs. and the two Masters Dopuse, proceeded, in ten sleighs, to Point Prim, for the purpose of selecting a site for the intended Light House. The party left the Queen’s Wharf about ten, and after crossing the Portage to Belle Vue, drove out on the ice in a direct line about thirteen miles to Point Prim. On landing, a site was chosen for the building, which commands a beautiful view of some thirty miles of the Straits of Northumberland, the different points at that distance being easily distinguished. The land was surveyed by Mr. Gall, and the clearing of the woods for the building disposed of to persons from the neighbouring settlements.

The party partook of a lunch and returned the sixteen miles, on one hour and twenty minutes, thus showing the facility with which travelling can be performed on good ice in winter.

We may observe that the site for the building was given by the Right Hon. The Earl of Selkirk through his Land Agent, Wm. Douse. Esq., and will add much to that part of his Lordship’s property. The House of Assembly have provided a grant of money for its erection, and the work will commence forthwith.”

On April 17, 1845, an Act was passed to make provision for the support of Lighthouses, Buoys and Beacons.

Sketch shows the site plan of the light station.  1990.  Point Prim Lighthouse A Guided Tour .
Sketch shows the site plan of the light station, 1990. Point Prim Lighthouse A Guided Tour
Four lamp optic.  Circa 1850.  Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
This 4 lamp optic was used in early lighthouses.
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