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Wood Island Lighthouse Keepers

Lightkeepers at Wood Islands had some extra challenges to meet because of the location of the lighthouse. Built on a peninsula connected to the main island by a narrow strip of land, it could only be approached by a long road through woods and along the beach west of the lighthouse. Most of the time the keepers reached the lighthouse by a rowboat that they had to supply themselves.

The difficult approach meant that the keepers had few visitors before the present road was built in the late 1930’s. In the days prior to consolidated schools and buses, country schools rarely, if ever, closed due to storms, so there were likely some difficult crossings to get the children to school. Some of the children found it lonely, while others spoke of the usual childhood activities and their love of the beach.

Water had to be carried to the lighthouse from the bottom of the long lane where there was a hand pump for water. George Stewart’s daughter, Glenda, recalled on cold windy days starting up the lane with two buckets full of water and finding that by the time she got to the top of the lane, the wind had blown nearly half of the water away, forcing her to make another trip.

Lighthouse keepers Mr and Mrs James Macmillan.
Lighthouse keepers Mr. and Mrs. James Macmillan.
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The 'Lighthouse Boys'.
The 'Lighthouse Boys'.
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