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Cape Bear Lighthouse Folklore

In common with all other Prince Edward Island coastal communities, especially those along the Northumberland Strait, Cape Bear residents have their own tales to tell about the Burning Ship. While all of the stories share some details, there are often differences regarding the origin of the ship and other particulars.

Many people in the Cape Bear area were interviewed previously and shared their experiences. While those who have seen the ship swear to its existence, others scoff at the idea of a Phantom Ship.

Believers say that no matter how close you approach the place where the ship appears to be it keeps the same distance away from you. Emmy Cohoon said she saw it three or four times, sometimes watching it for hours. People tried to row out to it, but couldn’t get closer than the original distance.

People say that the Burning Ship is always seen at night and under certain conditions. It is said to be a forerunner of bad storms. It has been seen at all times of the year, even when the Strait is full of ice.

Ship's mast.
Ship's mast.
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